Guest Star:  Jenny Hiett

Guest Star: Jenny Hiett

Hello! I am Jenny, the teacher here at Sewing with Jenny Lou. I currently live in Southern Oregon with my husband. We have four children, three live at home. I have a passion for all things sewing and fabric related that began as a young teenager. When my mom realized that I was enjoying sewing so much, she bought me my first sewing machine. A very simple machine that went with me to college and made many, many projects, including baby dresses, pajama pants, formal dresses and even wedding dresses. I now use that machine to teach with.



My passion has grown and flourished over 25 plus years. I have discovered that I love to share that passion with others. This is when Sewing with Jenny Lou was born.



 We start at the very beginning and learn to navigate the sewing machine, completing a workbook that can later be used as a reference. We learn a skill and then apply it to a project. The kids are so proud of the small accomplishments they make along the way!

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