Guest Star: Linda Petersen

Guest Star: Linda Petersen

Linda has had a passion for needle crafts since she was a very young girl being taught to hand-embroider by her Grandmother.  She took every elective sewing class available in High School and also learned to knit and crochet.  Her first sewing machine was purchased with her very first paycheck.

Linda took up making home decor, baby items and numerous crafts after she was married  She was immediately hooked on machine embroidery when her first embroidery machine caught her eye - the NewHome MemoryCraft 8000 - in a chance encounter at the Clark County fair in 1992.

Linda's sewing and embroidery machines have since been very busy with countless projects - marching band projects, baby and holiday gifts, bags, and dozens of shirts.  She has run her small embroidery business since 2008.

Linda can almost always be found in her craft center.  She also enjoys spending time with her grandkids, Logan and Lainey.  Linda lives in Beaverton, Oregon, with her husband, Stuart, and their dog, Monroe.

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