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Send your creativity into a new galaxy with the Baby Lock Altair embroidery and sewing machine. It makes realizing your sewing and embroidery projects a reality thanks to IQ Technology™ that allows you to wirelessly transfer images to your machine from your smart device using the IQ Intuition™ Positioning App for perfect design placement in the hoop or design creation in IQ™ Designer. Please read our privacy policy statement here.

The Baby Lock Altair sewing and embroidery machine features include:

  • IQ Intuition Positioning
  • Design Database Transfer
  • 9-1/2" x 14" Embroidery Field
  • IQ Designer
  • 771 Built-In Stitches
  • 494 Built-In Embroidery Designs
  • Large 11.25" Workspace
  • Needle Beam
Altair IQ Intuition_Positioning.jpg
IQ Intuition™ Positioning App


Use the IQ Intuition Positioning App to take a photo of your fabric in a special hoop and transfer it wirelessly to the Altair. The image will display onscreen in lifelike color and sharp resolution, allowing you to position your design exactly where you want it, how you want it – every time.


Altair hoop.jpg
9.5" x 14" Embroidery Field


Stitch bigger embroidery designs and enjoy less re-hooping with a large embroidery field.


Altair IQ Designer.jpg
IQ Designer


Create your own embroidery designs with ease. Take a photo with the IQ Intuition Positioning App and wirelessly transmit it to the Altair! Draw directly on the screen or if you’re feeling inspired by an existing art file, simply upload it to the Altair through the USB drive. Your art will be instantly digitized with the colors and fill stitches you choose.


Altair wireless.jpg
Wireless Capability


Use your favorite embroidery design software like Palette (version 11 or higher, sold separately) to wirelessly transmit your designs from your computer to the Altair.


Altair LCD.jpg
10.1" LCD Screen


You’ll have total control over every single aspect of your stitches, embroidery designs, placement, colors and more on a large touchscreen. Comparable to many popular tablets, it features large, clear buttons and vivid colors.


Altair workspace.jpg
Large 11.25" workspace


With a generous 11.25" workspace to the right of the needle, Altair gives you plenty of room to work. Those larger projects aren’t anything to worry about!


Altair Color Visualizer Hand.jpg
Color Visualizer


Choose from random, vivid, gradient and soft, and watch as your design is transformed in an array of color combinations. Tag your favorite color combinations, then select your favorite from the finalists.


Altair Built in designs.jpg
494 Embroidery Designs


You’ll always have something to embroider with Altair’s huge selection of built-in designs that includes 200 exclusive designs from Baby Lock. The design library features large thumbnails to make finding the right match even easier.


Altair stitches.jpg
771 Stitches


Altair is loaded with stitches, giving you plenty of options for every project. Best of all, you can combine them for countless stitch combinations and you can save them in memory to retrieve them at any time.


Altair Dropin Bobbin.jpg
Quick-Set Drop-In Bobbin


Simply drop your bobbin in the machine, pull your threads through the slot and let your machine do the rest.


Altair needle beam.jpg
Needle Beam


Know exactly where the needle will drop every time with a brilliant LED pointer on the included embroidery foot. There’s no more guesswork.

Full Specifications

Maximum Embroidery Size/Area
  • 9.5" x 14"
Weight with Embroidery Unit
  • 47.6 lbs
Rotation Capability
Machine Weight Only
  • 37.5 lbs
On-Screen Editing
Combine Designs
Machine Only Depth
  • 12 5/8"
Total Number of USB Ports
  • 2
Frame Patterns
  • 140
Machine Only Width
  • 26 1/6"
Number of USB Type A Ports
  • 2
Built-In Designs
  • 494
Machine Only Height
  • 13 1/16"
Built-In Fonts
  • 30
Data Input Types
  • .pes, .phc, .pec, .dst
Number of Needles
  • 1
Automatic Appliqué
Embroidery Pattern Memory
Design Duplication Capability
Embroidery Speed
  • 1,050 SPM

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